About the owner

Voltz Auto Sports CT

Juan’s passion for cars started at a young age. He began customizing the cars of his friends as a teenager in high school. Post graduation, Juan built up his skills while working in the car installation shop of a major electronics store. In 2002, at the age of 21, Juan realized his childhood dream when he opened his own car accessories and installation shop. 12 Voltz, as the shop was known, was located on Madison Avenue in Bridgeport.

Thanks to a loyal customer base and the company’s reputation for quality service, 12 Voltz moved to a new location in 2003. Now known as Voltz Auto Truck, the shop is currently located on the corner of Capital Avenue and Lindley Street in Bridgeport. Juan is committed to providing the best automotive service in Fairfield County. He plans to expand to more shops in the area within the next few years. Juan’s superior technical skills are reflected in the quality of the work done at his shop. The Voltz Auto Truck brand is one based on reliability, exemplary service and high performance. Simply put, a job done at Voltz Auto Truck is a job well done.